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USANA is a very globally reputable company recognized by its highly rated supplemets. Founded in 1992, USANA Health Sciences (NYSE: USNA) is a U.S.-based nutritional company that manufactures high-quality supplements, personal care and healthy products in its FDA-registered facility in Salt Lake City. Learn more about USANA by visiting our website:

USANA Ranked No. 1 Choice for Consumers – a third party analytical and research agency – using Customer Satisfaction reports and studies worldwide;
Global health and wellness company USANA  were recently named the 2017 Top Rated Direct Selling Brand in’s Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users. That rank is based on customer satisfaction, where a greater percentage of usana products consumers were “highly satisfied” with USANA than with other direct selling brands. For more about’s customer survey; visit which is an independent, third-party supplement testing company providing results, reviews, ratings and comparisons of vitamins, supplements, herbs and nutrition products to consumers.

usana essentials , minerlas , vitamints and antiodidants
USANA essentials , minerals , vitamins and antioxidants.

Why USANA was ranked #1 for 2017 as MLM company?

You are invited to use, join and find yourself why USANA ranks as the top choice for consumers. Go to OUR WEB SITE , shop for a wide variety of high-quality nutritionals, healthy food and personal care products, and see the positive effects on your health and your life.

When you choose USANA, you must be sure that you are choosing the best in the world. We’re confident you’ll agree once you’ve  join us and see every details about our company yourself. Join risk free. If you need assitance , just fill up the form at the bottom of this article.

 We are confident that USANA business can take your life to the next level 

1. Easy Solutions, No skills required, Real Results, 

You don’t need all that! All what you need is your excited slef and deep desire for success

If you’re willing to learn and have a passion to help others succeed, USANA is perfect for your life. NOW — you could start earning cash your first week by simply sharing USANA products with others and ordering some for yourself.

2. Outstanding Earning Potential
Sure, money means financial freedom. So start living life on your own terms. USANA’s compensation plan is a unique award winning one, that offers six ways to earn income. Not only that, there is the chance to earn a sales commission each and every week, which will never be offered to you by any  nine-to-five job! Think about it! This is not earn money scam, with USANA ; work smart and hard earn more , but lazy > earn nothing!

3. It’s All in the Family
USANA is a worldwide family that you will be one of it, all members join and take care of each other. Once you join; You’ll have instant access to helpful tools, tips, trainings, downloads, conference calls, events, and more more. We In addition to a customer service team to answer all your questions at anytime. You’ll never have to deal with product inventory— we’ll ship everything directly to you or to your customers.

4. Your Business. Your Way.
Let’s be honest. You like to do things your way. And with USANA, you can. When you work for yourself, you have the flexibility to work where, when, and how you like. No alarm clock, no rush hour traffic, and no boss. Sound too good to be true? That’s just the USANA way.

5. A World of Possibilities
Tired of saving vacation time, working when you’re sick, heading to the office on holidays, and never seeing more than your cubicle walls? Stop waiting and start living. USANA is your ticket to a life of adventure. With USANA, you can build teams in multiple countries without the worry of different compensation plans or currency conversions. So relax. We’ll take care of everything while you work in exotic locales, discover exciting cultures, and make a world of new friends.

6. A Class Above the Rest
Wondering what sets us apart? There are a lot of things that make us extraordinary, but when it comes to our products, it’s all about the science. Our in-house scientists formulate USANA’s products based on proven science and cutting-edge research. As if that weren’t enough, we also team up with research institutions from across the globe to make sure our products include the very latest in nutritional discoveries. When we create a product, it’s the best of its kind.

7. Our Growing Industry
USANA is more than just an incredible company—we’re an incredible company in one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Direct sales play a major role in the global economy, and health and wellness products make up a good chunk of the industry’s annual sales. So go ahead and start visualizing the opportunities.

8. Worldwide Credibility
We’re kind of a big deal. People know us. And the USANA family includes extraordinary people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, including best-selling authors, Hollywood celebrities, scientific experts, leading health experts, experienced business professionals, and more than 600 world-class athletes. That’s a lot of clout.

9. Affordable Start-Up Costs
We like to keep things simple. The only required purchase to start a USANA business is our Business Development System, which has everything you need to get started. So who needs to invest thousands of dollars in a business opportunity just to make a penny? You can get a tried and true system to create the life you want for as little as $30 US. That’s probably less than the cost of your monthly utility bills.

10. Experience You Can Count On
USANA has been around for a while—more than 20 years, to be exact. That’s a huge milestone, but it’s also a sign. A sign we have what it takes to last. A sign our products and business model are built to last. A sign we’re on the cutting edge, leading the industry. And that’s right where we plan on staying.

6 Ways of earning potentials

USANA’s unmatched Binary Compensation Plan gives you several ways to earn generous commissions every week in direct proportion to your ability to sell USANA’s products to your customers and build an organization of Independent Associates who do the same.
1. Retail Sales
Earn profits on the sale of USANA products when you collect the difference between the Preferred Price and the retail price, which you set. (The recommended retail price is 10 percent over the Preferred Price.) Selling retail is one of the quickest ways to develop immediate income for your business while you start to build a long-term base of satisfied customers. You can sell however works best for you: by using our many sales aids, by sending customers to your personal website, or by meeting customers in-person—either one-on-one or in a party setting.

2. Weekly Commissions 
Earn up to 20 percent in commissions on the weekly Group Sales Volume accumulated in your organization of Associates and Preferred Customers who, like you, generate volume through product sales. Unlike other compensation plans, any extra volume (up to 5,000 points on each side) is carried forward to the following week. Because USANA products are consumable, you will have a regular stream of income coming in as people re-order. Use the Auto Order program to make earning money as easy as possible—USANA does all the work (taking orders, shipping, etc.) and you get all the credit.
3. Lifetime Matching Bonus
Receive a lucrative reward for helping new team members duplicate your success. With Lifetime Matching Bonus, you will receive a match, up to a certain percent, of the commission volume generated by your personally sponsored Associates who become Premier PaceSetters and Premier Platinum PaceSetters. Not only that, but you will continue to receive this bonus week in and week out for the life of their businesses!** Lifetime Matching Bonus, unique to USANA, is the best way to quickly boost your income.
4. Incentives
Energize your business, build teamwork, and enjoy amazing rewards when you participate in the many fun and challenging contests and leadership incentives USANA offers throughout every year. Past rewards have included luxury travel to exotic destinations, such as Ireland or Hawaii; valuable prizes, including cars; and even thousands of dollars in extra cash! Not to mention the respect and recognition you receive as a top achiever or contest winner at USANA events.
5. Leadership Bonus
Become a top leader who helps others succeed and you will be eligible to receive a share in the profits for your excellent sales performance. Every week, USANA reserves three percent of its commissionable volume and divides it among qualifying Gold Directors and above to support building and training new leaders. As you advance beyond Gold, the number of shares you receive each week increases exponentially, helping you accumulate wealth quicker.
6. Elite Bonus 
As an additional incentive to strive for the heights of excellence. The more you earn and grow, the better your reward.

The USANA Binary Compensation Plan; How It Works

The USANA business opportunity operates under a simple premise: when you successfully share USANA’s products and the USANA business with others, you get paid for your efforts.

Step 1: Open your Business Center(s)
When you join USANA, you’ll have the opportunity to open one Business Center or three Business Centers, based on whether you’d like to start a small business or a large business. You’ll earn commissions on your product sales through your Business Center(s).

Step 2: Share USANA 
Your USANA business is based on a binary compensation plan, which means you’ll begin building your business with a left and a right side. You’ll earn weekly commissions based on the total number of points you and your team collect on each side of your business—this is called Group Sales Volume, and it includes sales from both Associates and Preferred Customers on your team.

The amount you earn from your USANA business will be in direct proportion to your ability to share USANA’s wellness products with other like-minded people, as well as your ability to build a team of Associates who, like you, share USANA’s products with others and build strong teams of their own.

How do I get paid?

You will earn commissions based on where the Group Sales Volume on the left and right sides of your Business Center match. Find where the Group Sales Volume on your left side matches the Group Sales Volume on your right side, and multiply it by 20 percent (or .2). This total equals your Commission Points for the week. Points are then converted into your country’s currency.

Step 3: Make the most of it
Leverage the income you make through your USANA business in a number of ways.

  1. Double your commissions by opening three Business Centers
    As you build Business Centers two and three, you are simultaneously building Business Center one without additional effort because the Group Sales Volume in your second and third Business Centers adds up through your first Business Center.
  2. Rollover
    You are paid out each week on the Group Sales Volume that is the same, or matched, on both your left and right sides. But what about the rest? It becomes rollover for your next check. Continue to build both sides of your business evenly to take full advantage of the work of you and your team members. 
  3. Additional Business Centers
    As you continue to grow your USANA business, you can qualify for Additional Business Centers, which allow you to increase your income potential. Whenever you maximize a Business Center, you earn an Additional Business Center. There are no limits to the number of Additional Business Centers you can earn, which means there are no limits to how big your business can grow.


USANA Health Sciences: Strong Moat, Highly Profitable And Growing Sales

  • Founded by a world-class scientist ; Dr. Myron Wentz- while marketing its products via Olympians, Dr. Oz., and strong sales associates, USANA created the entrenched moats of brand recognition and product awareness.
  • With increasing expansion into the vast Asian markets, the firm is well positioned for continuing sales growth.
  • As the world population is aging, there is an increasing demand for personal wellness products to service degenerative diseases.
  • Despite operating a highly profitable business, the company is on sales as indicated by the mouthwatering P/E of 17.


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