Coffee is health food: Myth or fact? 2017 health facts!

My parents used to instruct me – when I was a teens – not to drink the most desirable drink in the world. Why?because it is dangerous to my health. “coffee is very harmful”, ” It causes irritability , cardiac problems, insomnia and more”. Many – like me – were instructed the same. Now you will be surprised what good coffee can give your body.  Recent studies proved that it is useful in diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, prostate cancer, Alzheimer’s, computer back pain. It si no longer considered a guilty pleasure as used to be blamed before. Now proved not only not guilty but with plenty of health benefits.

Coffee health benefits

You may ask what are the health benefits that search proved recently. How the image of coffee changed from bad to good. Coronary artery calcium (CAC) was noticed to be lower in those drinking coffee three to five cups a day , a report of a study carried on 2500 coffee drinkers in Korea, that also will reduce risk of 2 types of skin cancers called melanoma which a dangerous type and basal cell carcinoma which is the most common among skin cancer diseases. Also it may reduce the risk of multiple sclerosis. Here is some of the possible health benefits according to different recent studies that have been conducted over the last years:

  • Memory booster as Japanese researchers found.
  • It burns fat
  • Reduces risk of heart disease
  • More energy
  • Reduces Alzheimer’s: A study carried on 2019 found that drinking three to five cups of coffee a day can protect against Alzheimer’s. Those who drank little or no coffee are more likely to develop Alzheimer’s.
  • Cancer reduction rate: The antioxidant compounds in coffee may help prevent several types of cancer.
  • Reduces Diabetes: Risk of developing type 2 diabetes was reduced among drinkers by up to 60 percent in a 2006 study that included people at high risk for the disease.
  • May stimulate hair growth
  • Caffeine may protect against cataract
  • May reduce fatty liver
  • It may help prevent pain while you’re working out. Using it before exercise can cut post-workout pain by nearly 50 percent, as per a study of young women.

Is coffee good all the way

The harmful effects of coffee are harder to find information on among the more reported positives.The question is: Coffee effects are good all the way? The answer is no. It is not good all the way. Sometimes it is harmful to some people depending on many factors including genetics, age, health conditions and also the way coffee is cooked.

  • Those suffering from sleeplessness (insomnia) may find coffee harmful.
  • Uncontrolled diabetics may better avoid it.
  • Young people and teens – specially those with hypertension – are not very safe with more coffee consumption.
  • Upset stomach or indigestion is another harmful effect.
  • More consumption can lead to increased anxiety, depression.

In general over consumption of coffee is not safe. Amount more than 5 cups a day is not recommended.


  • Coffee drinkers are less liable to have Alzheimer’s, colon cancer, and diabetes compared to non-drinkers, as reported by recent studies.
  • Death from heart disease was found to be less in drinkers.
  • But, it isn’t good for all people. It can cause insomnia, anxiety, and irregular heartbeat in some. Also too much caffeine during pregnancy may cause abortion.


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