Deuterte said his son will be killed for drug crimes

The family of Deauterte ; the President of the Philippines

Paolo Duterte, the son of the anti-drug Philippine strongman, responded to a Senate inquiry early this September regarding a $125 million drugss. Paolo currently is the vice mayor of Davao city, the country’s second biggest city. Duterte said he would not hesitate to order the killing of any of his children if they become involved in narcotics.

The president said:”he order the killing of any of his children with any hesitation if they were involved in drugs.

I told Pulong – the son – if you are caught you will be killed and the police who will kill you will be covered by my protection”.

He also said: “As President, when I go after organized crime, No one will be favored” – “I am a prosecutor When I prosecute, I prosecute all. Sauce for the gander, sauce for the goose.”



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