Visa-free entery to Taiwan for Filipinos

Taiwan’s New Policy:

In its new policy, the Taiwanese government has relaxed its visa rules from people from the 10 member-states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASIAN) and India. accordingly,Filipinos want  travel to Taiwan can enter without visa required from anymore. The effect date is not yet setup; as the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs will decide whether the visa-free will be effective in October of November. Filipinos may soon travel to Taiwan without paying visa fees anymore. They seek entry visas through an electronic or online application mechanism.

Visa-free entry to Taiwan:

Visa-free entry to the Republic of China (Taiwan) for qualified travelers of Southeast Asian Countries (applicable to citizens of the Philippines, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos)

Nationals of these above countries who wish to visit Taiwan for tourism or a short visit, are advised to apply for free Travel Authorization Certification (TAC), and are kindly requested to carefully read the following information before proceeding the process.

  • Basic requirements: to be eligible for an ROC Travel Authorization Certificate, the following three conditions must be met:
  1. The applicant’s passport must have remaining validity of at least six months starting from the date of arrival in Taiwan.
  2. The applicant must have an onward/return air or boat ticket.
  3. The applicant has never been employed as a blue-collar worker in Taiwan.
  • Additional requirements: one of the following conditions must also be met:
  1. The applicant possesses at least one of the following documents issued by Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, any of the Schengen countries, the United Kingdom, or the United States:
  • Valid resident or permanent resident card.
  • Valid entry visa (may be electronic visa, which should be printed out).
  • Resident card or visa that has expired less than 10 years before the date of arrival in Taiwan.
  1. The applicant possesses a visa or resident card issued by R.O.C. (Taiwan) over the last 10 years and has had no evidence of past immigration irregularities or violations in Taiwan. However, holders of the R.O.C. (Taiwan) visas bearing a remark of “FL” (foreign labor) or “X” (others) and resident cards with the purpose of “Foreign Labor” are not eligible for an ROC Travel Authorization Certificate.
  • Notes
  1. Application can only be applied individually. No group or family filing will be accepted nor acknowledged.
  2. An approved ROC Travel Authorization Certificate is valid for 90 days. Multiple entries within these 90 days are allowed. The holder of an ROC Travel Authorization Certificate may stay in Taiwan for 30 days, starting from the day after arrival. If the holder wishes to apply for another ROC Travel Authorization Certificate, he or she must do so seven days before the expiry of the current certificate.
  3. If any mistake is made during the online application process, the applicant may submit a new application.
  4. Online applications can only be made by persons holding valid regular passports. Persons holding temporary, emergency, or informal passports, or travel documents other than a passport, cannot submit online applications.
  5. The visas in the list of required documents do not include work permits.
  6. Holders of the mentioned visas bearing a stamp of VOID, CANCELLED or CANCELLED WITHOUT PREJUDICE are not eligible for an ROC Travel Authorization Certificate.
  7. Holders of resident card or visa that has expired less than 10 years have to check that the validity date of documents should be less than 10 years prior to the date of arrival in Taiwan. If there is no validity date on documents, please check issue date.
  8. Applicants who hold permanent resident cards with no expiry date may enter 9999 for year, 12 for month and 31 for day in the Date field.
  9. Once the application has been approved, the applicant is kindly requested to print out the ROC Travel Authorization Certificate. The applicant must present the certificate and the required documents for inspection when entering Taiwan. Entry will be denied if the required documents are not produced.
  10. Nationals of Indonesia who possess a valid Japan Visa Waiver Registration are eligible for an R.O.C. Travel Authorization Certificate.
  11. For questions about application, please contact the R.O.C.(Taiwan) National Immigration Agency at Tel:(+886-2)2388-9393 ext. 2423


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