Eisma as SBMA chair and administrator

President Rodrigo Duterte appointed lawyer Wilma Eisma as chair of the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA), officials said Tuesday 27 Sept 2017.

10- point advantage

Eisma said that the Freeport provides 10 built-in advantages that could spell the difference for players in the shipping business.

The port’s advantages are faster turnaround time, absence of red tape, short processing time, absence of congestion, absence of traffic, immediate docking upon vessel arrival, no truck ban, lower port tariff, higher efficiency, and ISO quality service.

15 piers

To start with, the Subic Freeport has a total of 15 piers and wharves that can support the transshipment of a wide range of cargoes.

Eisma said the two wharves in Subic’s former Ship Repair Facility are ideal for passenger ships, as well as military vessels because they are located near the Central Business District, while the two other piers further inside the facility would be ideal for repair and boat services.

On the other hand, the two jetties at the former Naval Supply Depot are perfect for break-bulk cargoes and shipments bound for Subic’s industrial parks and manufacturing centers in Central and Northern Luzon, while the three docks at the Boton Logistics Center would best be suited for petroleum products.

Those at Cubi Point, meanwhile, could accommodate containerized cargo, as well as grains and fertilizer, while the single landings at Nabasan, Camayan and Grande could be used for specialized purposes, including tourism.

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