Blogging business in the Philippines

What is Blogging?

First of all we need to know what is blogging. Maybe you are qualified to be a good blogger, but you dont know wthat is blogging.  Others may know about blogging, but they do not know that blogging can be a busines mode.

Is Blogging busines real earning module?

You may have heard that blogging can be a great way to make money. You have probably learned that there are already many bloggers who started blogging business to earn money. Besides, they are earning and making living without reporting to an office or work for a boss. How will a blogger do that? How blogging business can generate real income?

Yes, blogging business is true and is a way to generate income. At the same time, it is true that blogging business is not an easy way to earn good money. You must master some tools to be able to master your blog to make money for you.

Blogging requires practice, some writing tools, knowledge about what you write and the right strategy. Blogs may give you passive income, only if you master it. we can see millions of blogs every where in the internet, generating no leads. That is usually becuase of poor content and non professional writing. Before starting blogging business , you have to learm more about the tolls and skills required for that. This is beyond the scope of this article.

Blogging Business in the Philippines

Blogging for busines is existent in the Philippines since many years. Many Filipino bloggers are making good income for this lbusiness line. Some are full time bloggers , others are only part time.

Filipino Blogging business
Some famous Filipino bloggers

I can confidentally say that blogging business is one of the profitable ways of earning money online in the Philippines nowadays. Any blogger can earn descent income form his blog. Some Filipino bloggers can can make more than PhP200,000 monthly which is considered good income in the Philippines.

Some Filipino Blooging Business

erested to statrt Blogging Business in the Philippines , it may be useful to have a look at some existing industries. They can study these modules , learn from them. I bring here some of the Filipino business blogings that may be interesting for you.

  • Pinoy Bisnes

    If you want to start a small venture in the Philippines, this is for you.  Pinoy Bisnes is for the aspiring Filipino entrepreneur. You have have questions about starting a small business, in this blog you may find answers. The pros and cons of starting a new business or buying a franchise. Also the blog gives tips on how to open your own business .

  • Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur Magazine in the Philippines. The magazine publishes topics for Filipino entrepreneurs. One their interesting articles is “Do you have what it takes to own a foreign franchise?”. It talks about the basic things you need to know and need to have if you want to open an international franchise in the Philippines. Apart from business topics, also publishes articles on business tools such as the metrics you can use to measure your company growth and campaign success.


  • The Better Business
    This blog publishes topics about building a better business, hence the name. The Better Business is the blog of New Leaf Ventures Inc., a private investment firm focused on technology and technology-driven investments in Southeast Asian companies.If your business is in the technology industry, this is an excellent online resource for latest news and industry tips. For instance, in one article, they talked about how a Cebu-based pizza company moved their HR activities to the Cloud.
  • MoneySense

    This web magazine is the online home of the MoneySense Magazine. Like, this web magazine publishes articles about businesses in the Philippines, but with a greater focus on money-related issues such as investments and savings.

  • Business Diary

    Business Diary talks about fresh yet tried-and-tested business ideas like making candles and fish burgers that you can sell and build a business from. If you are looking for business ideas you can try, Business Diary is a useful online resource with its how-to articles.

  • Mommy Ginger

    Mommy Ginger is the blog of serial entrepreneur Ginger Arboleda. If you’re a young Filipina entrepreneur, this blog is a good resource for inspiration.

    Our favorite picks include “Having that Millionaire Mindset” and “Start a Business from Home this 2016 (This time for Real…)” Her other self-titled blog, on the other hand, talks about the entrepreneurial journey where she offers business workshops.





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