How to Start Business in Philippines with no Capital?

I want to make business in the Philippines but I do not have capital? This is an everyday question asked by many in the Philippines. In countries like Philippines there are many looking for an earning opportunity as jobs are not available for every one. The problem is that any business requires capital. Also, to start a traditional business, you must pass through many rules to set up the business. What if you donet have enough capital , or no capital at all? How can you be sure that the business will generate the income you are looking for? Many businesses fall down after some months from the start. Their many reasons contribute to failure of tradition business , among of which improper planning, poor management, short of finance after the start and technical difficulties that you cannot master.

Many of you may not know that not every business requires capital. Actually there are many no capital business opportunities that can generate money. Also, there are many options that allow you to work at home and make good leads for money income, and you can start without any capital.

Main Points

In this article I’m going to cover 3 main points. Every one need to know these points before starting you no capital business. The correct planned start , means success of your business.

  1. requirements you must have to start Business in Philippines with no Capital
  2. My pick for the most profitable business modules with no capital

requirements to start Business in Philippines with no Capital

Any business has some requirements that must be fulfilled. If you think that there is a business on this planet that has no requirements, you are very wrong. The business I’m discussing in this article need some requirements like any other business. Basically , most of the requirements to start Business in Philippines with no Capital are personal and depend on and controlled by you.

Choose the module that suits you most. This is the most important step before starting. Do not copy other’s modules if not fit to you. You must define what are you skills and qualifications to be be able t select the correct business for you. For example, if you don’t master the English, you must not select a business that requires langauge skills like blogging. Also, do not select a business where meeting clients and presentations is a must, if you are a very shy guy till you be trained for that.

Energy. Being energized person is a must to do succesful business in general, but more for that with no capital. You need to go for inspiration training and programs , read more entrepreneur inspiring tips and blogs and see those successful examples that doing similar business to learn from them and become inspired.

Faith and Belief. With faith in what you doing, your outcome will be disappointing. Faith and belief can be created and implanted in your heart with some practice. Did you see actors, how the do their roles as if it is real and true? Simply because they belive that it is true not just an act!

Confidence and Patience. Once you complete the above steps, confidence will automatically will be built in. Confidence is a requirement to enable you to continue specially at the start-up hard times. Patience will keep you going one with you vision and help you overcome some difficulties.

The most profitable business in Philippines with no Capital

There are many business option thar requires no or very little capital. I select here some of these modules that I belive most profitable and also have great demand in the Philippines. Besides, they require no capital at all.

Let’s first understand what do I mean with “capital”? And what is the capital required to start any traditional busines?

As we know all in the Philippines, to start a business there some procedures that you need to pass through. These procedures need money. Beside, they also need time to spend. You need to go through business registration and permits that may cost more than 30000 pesos in a city like Manila. Also you need to rent a space. Any space will cost more than 30000 pesos for 2 months deposit and one month advance, case the rent is 10000. Then the business space set up, and the start-up with inventory or alike. In my opinion no traditional business can cost less than 100.000 pesos. Such type of low-cost business may generate 10000 to 30000 peso monthly. Some may not.

This means any business requires a capital of at least 100.000 pesos (2000 USD). But for the business modules, I selected here, need no capital, aside from basic personal tools. You may need a laptop, or iPad. Also you may need internet connection and a good cell phone.

Business in Philippines with no Capital

MLM Business:

In my opinion, this is a business that suits any one. There many MLM companies selling different products or services thrugh direct selling scheme. You must select a real true company with history and good records. Besides, the products or services offered must be the kind you believe are really useful for people. All what you need to start is to Join the company and have your personal tools to do selling and presentations. You need to attend some training to sell successfully backed with knowledge.

In my opinion , the best type of MLM is that offering health and wellness products, as there is great demand for these products in the Philippines. People are prone to stress due to modern lifestyles. Also , they are both physically and mentally stressed due to very demanding jobs. Thats why. many are seeking health support using such health and wellness products.


In the last few years blogging in the Philippines became a very profitable business that need no capital to start. Besides, it can be done from whom and at any time. You must master the langauge used for blogging, also you must have good knowledge about what you are writing. If you not sports fan , do not blog about sports!

Service providing:Recruitment. 

One of the most profitable service providing in the Philippines is recruitment. Where there is increasing demand for workers, recruitment is a good business that makes profit and requires no capital. You need only your cell phone, internet connection and your ability to search employers abroad. Once you get employers and job orders, you can cooperate with any agency for commission. You will need no office to stay. Also, you need to process nothing, as it is the job of the agency.

Online freelancer. 

Since internet is available, opportunities for freelancers cross borders are plenty. You can start an online company providing freelance services. Ask yourself one question before starting. Which type of service you can offer as a freelancer. Most popular services include writing which I discussed under blogging, graphic designing, or virtual help. Like blogging, the best thing in it is that you don’t for daily commuting and you can work at home or everywhere.

Load Retail:

You are the text republic. Philippines is the biggest country using cellphones for texting, chat and internet surfing. Selling Load doesn’t need office space, and you can do it anytime also. Being a country with the most active mobile users in the world, the Philippines has a big market for load retail, because most users are using prepaid SIM cards. This a type of business that suits any one. It does not need any qualification. Also you can start with a  small capital as low as 10000 pesos.

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2 thoughts on “How to Start Business in Philippines with no Capital?

  • October 13, 2017 at 9:47 am

    I like your report but none suits me. I cnt be a blogger, I dnt like direct selling, load retail is small income for me. lastly i have nothing to offer online. is there any other ideas
    Thanks you!

  • May 14, 2018 at 12:18 pm

    There are many other options , but it will depend on your capital , skills , and other factors.


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