The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines closed iloilo airport for today

A Philippines plane, carrying more than 180 passengers, veered off the landing runway in iloilo airport – the central Filipino city – causing the operations to stop at the airport on Saturday.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines issued a “warning to the pilots” that the airport will remain closed until Saturday evening, after a plane belonging to «Cebu Pacific Airlines» off the runway coming from Manila, stopping in the field evening On Friday.


All passengers were evacuated safely.

Several domestic and international flights were canceled following the incident. Passengers traveling to Roxas, 110 km from Ioello, were ordered to be transported by additional aircraft.

The Civil Aviation Authority and Cebu Pacific have said they are making every effort to lift the plane from the scene.

“Cebu Pacific is working with the authorities to investigate the incident and accelerate the reopening of the runway,” police said on its website.

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