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It is so easy for you to find more usana reviews on the net , thousands of links. Also you may find thousands of usana reviews , where you will feel that it is worth it! Big international company , best health products in the world, many third-party reviews about usana products. It’s unusal to find reviews about anything that is positive in more than 90% , but usana reviews are positive in more than 95% of reviewers. I pick up here randomly some usana reviews. Below that you will find links to sites in the Philippines, where members discuss about usana

usana reviews

anesh (Verified User)

I only met Usana last may, I love the products as it helps my family.. and now a part of it. Thanks to USANA. for those who want to purchased or questions about Usana products, feel free to ask ?

jam (Verified User)

Please also be advised that when you take the supplements you also have to adjust your lifestyle into a healthier one, for instance your SGPT may increase a for a week as part of a healing reaction if you take the products. However, if your lifestyle continuous to be excessive (ex drinking, smoking, consumption of a lot of unhealthy food) this may no longer be a healing reaction but rather a result of your lifestyle.

Maribel (Editor)

Can I respond that: are articles are varied, we write everything from diet supplements to health supplements (including vitamins). Since you’re interested in seeing products for weight-loss, you could take a look at Burn HD. It not only makes you lose weight, but it also boosts your energy and burns fat.

Krizell (Verified User)

How I wish I can share how USANA Supplements did a 360° total change in my life.I’m a product of these products.I’m taking it 3 years straight since 2014. The Best?.

Helen engbino

I like to buy the product. Where I can order?

Auto Immune issues

You may want to check a few local – privately owned health food stores. I purchase my USANA from a local Health Food store…. “Andy’s”, in College Place, Washington. However, it is not on public display. They shelve it behind the counter. So you should always ASK – even if you don’t see it on a shelf!


you can only purchase usana products thru a legit , trained, distributor… you cant buy directly in the office

Victoria (Editor)

Hi! For more information on where to purchase this product, please refer to the Usana Essentials official website.


HI , can I drink coffee or tea right after taking the USANA Essentials? or it will affect the results? Thank you


I just bought my Usana Essentials we will see after a month for any forms of positive results…

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Jerry, wish you luck, hope your results are positive. A product that has great ratings and positive results you could also take a look is Burn HD.

Jesmar Bugmau

May request to change ascorbic acid to sodium ascorbic? for the benefits of acid person…. and please remove turmeric extract because I believe this is against for those who has diabetes… Thanks and more power…

Chad gallego

There are other special options such as people who are Kosher they make a special cellsentials for them and for people with liver problems.


is this effective??

Maribel (Editor)

Hello Jay! All users are different and can experience different weight-loss results, but exercise in conjunction with a healthy diet and supplements have shown to help with weight-loss.


Hi there! I’ve been using USANA since 2014. My friend recommended it to me because I was looking for something that would help me with my anxiety problem. Since I started using USANA, my condition has improved. Until I’m still taking USANA supplements and keep recommending it to friends specially with certain symptoms. It really helps!

Angelo Vergara

Hi Hazel. What kind of anxiety were you experiencing? How soon before you started noticing the positive benefits of Usana? I’m inetersted as well. Thanks!


Hi hazel.
What usana supplement n how many u consume one day? I m having anxiety too.. specially worry of cannot sleep..

Angelo Vergara

Hi Victor. Have you already tried Usana supplements for your anxiety and sleeplessness? How are they and did they help you?

Ailyn Jean Lolo

hi Victor You must try First the essentials ?


Yes, that is very effective based on studies.

Maribel (Editor)

Hi Charie! Please make sure to consult with your physician before starting a new product.


Yes it is safe to take even when your pregnant, take essentials, biomega to aid your pregnancy. proflavanol and hepasil for your goiter. you don’t need to worry coz it doesn’t have any overdose and it’s safe


All this while I have been suffering from anaemic. For 10 years + I’ve been trying many supplements from any company that offer me. All brand supplements offer me no improvement or fall sick again.
I took Usana only 6 mths!!! My recent 2017 health screening show my blood count back to ideal range. I didn’t fall sick instead it’s been 1 year plus now I had never fall sick like I used to be at work. I definitely support Usana for improving my health. ?

holly carey

If you are experiencing nausea and back pains, your body may not require as much vitamin as other people and you need to cut back. I have been taking Essentials, and have tried other vitamins which did nothing for me. 11 years ago, I was going through the change and was on Prozac to help with mood swings and depression. I was recommended Usana multivitamins. After 2 1/2 weeks on Usana, I went off Prozac entirely. I only take one of each of the Essentials in the morning along with Usana Vitamin D a
nd am great for the day. If I know I am going to be up late, I will take 2 more. But everyone is different. Taking only two a day makes them last over 2 months. It is worth it to me to know I am taking something which helps me for energy and staying mentally alert. My grown children have been taking them faithfully for 8 years plus also. Like I said, every ones body reacts different to vitamins or medication in general. Of course, one also needs to eat a balanced diet and exercise. Highly recommend Usana.


I had horrible seasonal allergies . My entire life. When I say horrible , I really truly mean horrible aka: in bed like I’m dying , missing out on life and activities . Allergy pills do not work and I cannot bare to get allergy shots . I discovered usana years ago and started taking them religiously a couple month before allergy season started and POOF seasonal allergies gone. Not ONE sneeze etc. I have never ever had the luxury of being allergy free. I highly recommend these quality vitamins especially if you suffer like I did.


The products are excellent! I’ve been using the products for 3 years and it was great! ?


Not costly at all… Rather it’s just fine, if your health turn even better than before


Been taking usana for 3yrs.. And rrcomend it to my family… It gives us extra energy all day.. My grandma who has diabetes and hypertension graduatrd from using her medications after 3mos of taking the essentials and coquinone… She had stroke before and the other side of her face sogged. Now after 3yrs, she dont get tired easily and her face returned to its nrmal state before she had stroke. No more hospitalixation for 3yrs now. Lots of my friends are also takung them and they love it.


Usana doesnt work for my health, first day of taking it i had a stomach ache then the second day i had a fever, cough and cold. Then the third day my pimples appear on my face that i dont have that before and for that incident i feel bad about buying usana and i stop taking it so the other day another thing happened to me, the hives appears all over my body


we had same experience Nicole – ive been using different supplements years before, but after using 3/4 of the essentials then lots of pimples appeared which i never had before. it was really a bad experience with essentials. and now im suffering with these pimples for 4 months and they are not gone yet. ? my confidence went down and too stressful since people are noticing the bad effect with those 2 bottles of usana.


Nicole, its normal that usana have reaction in your body means its working. Only its detoxifitying all your dirt in your body thats y. ?


yes, excatly. thats cleansing mechanism. you shouldve taken it continuously to permanently benefit the effects of usana products.


In your case your undergoing healing process.. You have a lot of toxins in your body that why you had those toxic excretions in your body.


i agree w/ what Mitsuha said. basically, Nicole, all those years of you not taking care of yourself was now trying to exude out of your body. so dont blame a product on the fact that it is revealing how poorly you took care of yourself. continue taking it and suck it up.


Nicole be careful listening to idiots can be detrimental to your health. I’m sorry to say but hives are not a normal reaction to the body flushing out toxins unless you are allergic. Do not listen to anyone saying to “suck it up”! Some minor negative side effects such as blemishes can be normal reaction to detoxifing product but a reaction like hives over your whole body is more likely due to another problem, that has nothing to do with your past lifestyle no matter how good or bad your health regime was. People are different and what is safe for one person may not be safe for another. Please do not be so stupid to believe people who clearly do not understand how the human body works. As for the product I cannot say, as I have not tried it or researched it.


I’ve been using USANA Products for 9 Months already…. With the negative comments about the product seems a result of skeptic minds and lack of knowledge…. Anyway if try to ask the person recommended the product all side effects has underlying cause or shall we say you experience negative effects because the product heals specific problems with your body thus the right term for it is Healing Effect and not Negative effect…. if you try to study about how the body works you will also understand why experiencing those Healing Effect when body Heals. When I use USANA for 6 Months Time I’ve Experience Sleepiness because I was Alcoholic those who have liver problems will experience this as to heal or regenerate liver you need to sleep. Cough for lung problems, Cold for those who have sinusitis, Frequent urination for those who have kidney problem, acne for removing or cleaning skin cortex, skin irritation when you have liver toxicity and i’ve experince all this and its really worth im now very healthy just trust USANA and the science behind…. According to Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by NutriSearch Company is Number 1 when they compare 1600 products in CANADA and US… you can buy the book in Amazon or any Book Store…. Thats how powerful USANA product was… hope this will help…


The Cellsentials or Essentials (old formula) are not weight loss supplements. The are designed to make up for the lack of nutrients that are missing from our foods due to over farming in depleted soils, manufactured processed foods and the bodies ability to utilize vitamins, minerals, protiens, carbohydrates and fats. The main reason we as a whole need supplements is because of stress both internally and externally causes inflammation in every organ, muscle, tissue down to the very cell. Thank you for letting me comment.

Amirah U_ GenSan

A good samaritan has introduce me these products. im on my 4th day and the results are amazing. I have myocardial infarction so i am very careful in taking medicines/tablets even supplemental but since i have cough and colds, i have tried taking the products. megaantioxidant and chelated mineral tablet one tablet each in the morning. At night, i can sleep well but during dawn time, i woke up and keep on coughing and to my surprise, i have cough out unwanted mucus and it continuous and my breathing improve. Thanks Usana, youre a big help to me. More power to the producer of Usana.



RJ Rosal

I’m not buying this product again and I regret taking this. I think my kidney problem got worse.

Your NameShella

1 more important thing i forgot to tell about Usana Essentials Multivitamin it helps me to quit smoking its really amazing…


it helps you quit smoking because it’s too expensive that drains your cigarette budget.

Your NameShella

For me all the first negative reactions side effects comment here it is only FIRST EXPERIENCED after a 2weeks taking USANA WOW… FANTASTIC the good effect will be bloom and glow and
your body reaction feeling succeed the benefits of USANA…thank you for making this kind excellence vitamins…overjoyed…USANA company totally HONEST and I FELT YOU DID IT BY HEART…THANK YOU still i cant believed the good benefits of this vitamins????God bless!


I’ve felt positive and negative results in the first days of using USANA Antioxidant and Multi-Mineral: I have more energy and stamina, but felt heart palpitations on Day 1 (not any more since). Note; I minimized the dosage, although I was told to take 8 pills per day and drink lots of water, I only take 1 pill of each. Back pain felt by some users could be a reaction from Liver or Kidneys, suggesting the dose is too high.


been taking usana products for 8mos now and i don’t see any good effects of it in my body. non-stop heartburn and sleepless night. i was told that these would go away but it’s getting worse. I decided to stop using it and go back to DXN which doesn’t have these effects. You can also see the detox effects. I tried barley and it has good effect too.


Hi I am taking essentials and proflavanol c. For 2 weeks…ATM, I am experiencing palpitations….is this healing effect?

Ailyn Jean Lolo

yes ? an its normal . Its a healing process to your body ?


it is called Detoxification and its Good that your body response, USANA is not only vitamins or food supplement but it is also can cure diseases,.

Del C

I’ve just started taking Mega Antioxidant and Multi-Mineral Plus and only take one tablet of each, per day. Interestingly, I had heart palpitations on the first day, but I’m continuing because I have more energy, stamina has increased and I don’t need as much sleep.


Hello Mimi. All users are different and can experience different side effects, but please make sure to consult with your physician if you are still experiencing those results.


actually I experienced the exact same thing. I had colds after taking the vitamins for a week, then my doctor who prescribed usana to me said its just the healing reaction. The toxins of our body are slowly eliminated in our body.


I used the Essentials and several of the other products for a couple of years and they were fantastic for my system. Only problem – sadly – was the cost. I moved into a lower paying job and can no longer afford these vitamins. Wish I could – they were the best things I ever purchased!


it is really good! It is a bit expensive to other vitamin, but worth, because it is repairing the cell, body will have some reactions, after one or two weeks, you will feel the different. ????????

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    seems have a promising future for everyone who looks for financial freedom

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    Does anyone know the usana products can also help numbness for arms to fingers and legs to toes?

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      Better to take multivitamins , specially Vitamin B complex injections every other day.Cousrse is 3 ampoules.


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