Marry in Philippines – Things you must know

How to Marry in Philippines?

Whether you are an alien (oreingner) or a local (Filipino), getting married in the Philippines need to pass through some requirements. How to get married in the Philippines? This requires some preparations and steps to be fullfilled. Marraige in the Philippines can be done either as civil wedding or as religious one, or both at same time. Both types of wedding are legally accepted by Philippines law. For exapts to marry in the Philippines is not as easy or simple as you may think. If you dont study it carefully and get to know all requirements ahead, you may face hard times later. It’s funny when some one aborad would ask you to find a lady for him while he is outside the Philippines. Some friends of mine in Middle East did that many times. They ask me to help them to marry in Philippines. Let’s me take you through some basic requirements to marry in Philippines:

1- Certificate of Legal Capacity: 

Certificate of legal capacity to contract marriage in Philippines. You can get it from the embassy of your country in Manila, or from your country before you travel to Philippines. If you are American contact: U.S. Embassy in Manila or the U.S. Consular Agency in Cebu. Better to that personally. It is not required to bring your fiancee at that time. Requirements are: valid passport, certificates that show you are free or qualified to marry, and cash to pay the fees Cost is different from embassy to embassy (about 50-60 USD for America). Once the certificate is issued by the embassy, you can apply in the local Philippine Civil Registrar office. This is usually located in the city hall where the Filipino fiancee is living. Then you can get license to marry.
Philippine law requires expats to obtain a Certificate of legal Capacity to marry in Philippines , issued by the diplomatic or consular offices of his country, prior to the issuance of a marriage license in the Philippines.

2- Parent’s Consent: 

If the parents can attend the wedding, no need for the consent. If you are going to marry ouside Philippines, and parents will not attend, then it is required.

3- Certificate of single status for the Filipino fiancee:

This is the certificate of No Marriage or (CERNOMAR). It can be obtained from either the National Statistics Office (NSO) or the e-Census web site. A CERNOMAR is a proof that there is no record of marriage for the Filipino citizen who intends to get married.

4- Application for a marriage license:

Obtained from the Local Civil Registrar in the city hall.  You must be ready with your birth certificate, the legal capacity to contract marriage, Filipino partner’s CERNOMAR, your passport, divorce certificate (if applicable), death certificate (of previous spouse, if applicable), and consent of the parents (if applicable). You can get the marriage license in 10-15 days. It is valid for 120 days after which it will be expired. It can be used anywhere in the Philippines.

5- Marriage ceremony (wedding): 

You can have either a religious or a civil wedding. The marriage ceremony must be solemnized by an individual with the legal authority to perform such a ceremony, like priest, imam for Muslims, judge, mayor or any incumbent member of the judiciary.




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