Grab / Uber: the best in the Philippines

Grab or Uber in the Philippines

I had never used to book a taxi in the past. Long time ago, I heard about those companies offering taxi services in the Philippines like Grab / Uber. Recently I told myself ; why not to try?. Today is the best time for me to try the taxi service like Grab / Uber. I’m getting older, less tolerant for driving in the traffic. A taxi ride is a good option for me. But it was annoying to stand along the road begging a taxi to stop. Then not every driver would accept to get me to my desired place. They are choosy specially if it is traffic or rush hour.

Repeated stories about Grab / Uber made me  excited enough to hold my mobile and download both applications: GRAB / Uber. let’s try! But I did not try it in the Philippines, where I’m living.If you have a car you will be lazy to try other options. When I traveled to my country, Egypt, I was urged to try it. The regular taxi  in Cairo is really a type of pain. The first few days I suffered a lot to pick up a regular taxi. Most of them are very old , not clean, no aircon. Beside, you must have Panadol to relieve the headache and stress poured upon you by the taxi drivers. Any taxi driver in Cairo would always talk and never stop complaining of every thing, traffic, cost of living, government , politics, and almost every thing in Egypt is a subject for complain. That time only I decided to try. There were 2 companies in Cairo, Uber and Kareem. The experience was good and comfortable enough that I decided to use the same when I’m back to the Philippines.

I tried both of them during the last few months in the Philippines. First time, I found they charge higher than the regular taxi. It was not a big issue for me. A car that fetch me in front of my door must be little higher price. It was very pleasant experience to ride a taxi or a car from door to door. The drivers are descent, polite, and quite. Cars are new, clean and with good aircon.

The Philippines as one of the most attractive destinations for travellers. From every corner of the globe, they come to the Philippines for a reason or another. All of them look for convenient, available and affordable transportation means. GRAB / Uber is one of the best options in my opinion. I’m not connected to any , I’m just a commuter like many of you.

Is it worth it?

Yes, it is. Think of the traffic in Metromanila, and how much you suffer to get a regular taxi. It is very convenient for you that a car will pick you from any place to any destination without the need to stand along the street talking to different taxi drivers until you are accepted by one of them. It is really very stressful experience! That all are relieve d when you opt to taxi service. Now , all what I need is use my mobile to book a ride. Then I stay at the comfort of my home or inside my office for 5 to 10 mins till the driver call “I’m here now, sir”. The difference in price is about 50 to 70 pesos. It is  good for most of us, whether foreigner or Filipino.

truly, it is worth of it , and very useful at anytime, specially at rush hours and rainy days. At least you are sure that some care after few minutes will come to you. The case is different with regular taxi , where you will never tell how long you should wait, and at the end if you could get one.

I was interrupted!

OMG! During writing this article, just now, I got a phone call from: 028837100, a lady voice in the other side:”hello .. is this Mr.Abu”. I replied: Yes. The voice continued: “I’m from GRAB. Did you for get your Helmet in GAB car?”. I understand; some one forgot his helmet in one of the cars. I said:”No.. not me”. It was amazing that some one from these companies bothers to call commuters to look for some one forget an item.

One week ago, I was in the road and no internet in my mobile. I was lucky to get a taxi to drive me to my destination. I got a phone call while riding. I reached my place, I pick the fare from my wallet, then dropped off. Just turned around when I found that I forgot my mobile inside the taxi. I followed the taxi with my eyes, but it was gone. One week elapsed before I could reach the phone of the company. They gave me the phone number of the driver. I called him. He insisted that he did not find my phone. I gave up deciding never to ride except that Grab or Uber in the future.


Grab / Uber drivers

There are many difference when you compare drivers in Grab or Uber and those driving regular taxi. Starting from the car, it is always clean, good aircon, nice smell and new model. This is no common for regal taxi. Drivers in Grab or Uber are well dressed, usually young men, very polite and accommodating. The biggest difference is money, Regula taxi drivers want to swallow all you wallet. Drivers in Grab or Uber will return you change unless you ask them to keep it.

All these differences could be due to management. There incentives, bonus and reward policy in these companies that make driver do their best serving the commuter.

Commuters and drivers in Grab / Uber

It si not only useful as a commuters , but also useful for you to make business with Grab or Uber companies. It is very profitable. I asked many drivers in Grab or Uber. They told me that they can make up to 80000 pesos monthly if  fulltime work ( about 12 hours). You can be a driver for your car. Also you can be an operator managing a number of cars that you own and hire drivers. It is  using profitable whether you are the drive or the car owner.

Have you exclusively using Grab / Uber services to get to work. Is your job a kind making you take frequent car trips daily. Do Grab / Uber make a lot of money from you. Then, you may think turning the tables and make money from Grab or Uber? You may apply and make business with them, and make money

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