Cebu Doctors’ University College of Medicine

Cebu Doctors’ University College of Medicine is committed to produce not only excellent and dedicated health care providers who render preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care, but also educators, social mobilizers, managers, and researchers with the investigative attitude and skills for clinical and applied research.

These physicians will be leaders responsive to the dynamic global demands and imbued with compassion, as well as moral and ethical consciousness.

Who May Apply

  1. A holder of a bachelor’s degree in any field of study conferred by an accredited college or university. The course should have been taken no more than ten (10) years prior to the filing of the application.
  2. A student who expects to graduate at the end of the summer session of the academic year may also apply. The student must submit the Special Order and other documentation required for the issuance of the Certificate of Eligibility for Medicine (CEM). Unless otherwise provided, no action will be taken on the application. Preference shall be given to those who are able to complete the records required.

Disqualified from admission are medical students of other schools who have two or more failures, dropped (Dr.) or incomplete (Inc.) in their records.

Application Forms

An applicant should obtain an application form from the Accounting Office of Cebu Doctors’ University College of Medicine, Osmeña Boulevard, 6000 Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines. The student application fee is P150.00 (subject to change).


Only those who have submitted their Transcript of Records, duly accomplished application forms, official NMAT (National Medical Admission Test) results, and have passed the interview will be included in the selection process.

Notice will be given to students whose applications are accepted. The notice will state the date when the applicant is expected to enroll. If the applicant does not arrive on time or cannot submit the papers necessary for enrollment, the slot will be given to the applicant who is next in rank. If the accepted applicant is no longer interested in the application, he or she should notify the College within a period of 15 days (subject to extension) from receipt of the notice of acceptance, to give a chance to other applicants.

If the application is disapproved, the applicant will also be notified. Applicants may be placed on waitlisted status and may be considered for acceptance when slots for the First Year become open; notices of disapproval will be sent when all available slots are filled.

If an accepted student fails to enroll, he or she will be required to reapply, update the application records and documents and pay the application fee again.

The Admissions Committee evaluates on a year-to-year basis the cut-off level depending on the applicants’ credentials as shown in their Transcript of Records, personal interviews, and other criteria that the committee will determine from time to time.


Cebu Doctors’ University
1 Dr. P.V. Larrazabal Jr. Avenue,
North Reclamation, Mandaue City,
Cebu, Philippines




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