Philippine gifts in Philippine society

You intend to go to the Philippines to stay there or you are already a resident within the Philippines. Then, what are the most appropriate Philippine gifts you carry.

The Philippines is a country with a long historical and cultural background. Also Philippine society has many traditions. Giving and greeting is one of the best of their traditions. You may know that Filipinos are very hospitable with have strict rules regarding Philippine gifts.

Philippine gifts in Weddings:

Of course, on occasions of marriage, Philippine gifts must be suitable to these ceremonies and parties. Filipinos used to give the couple valuable gifts to benefit the couple. Many prefer to give cash to the couple which considered the perfect gift. Cash can be to buy the gift th.

Philippine gifts at Christmas:

Christmas is one of the most important holidays in the Philippines, as it  has a Christian majority. When you are in the Philippines during Christmas, you will notice that chocolate is Philippine gifts that most desired.  It is the favorite gift in Christmas for both adults and young people.

Philippine gifts when visit friends at home:

When preparing to visit a friend in the Philippines for lunch or dinner, make sure to pick the right gift. The most appropriate Philippine gifts that you can bring with you are small gifts such as a gift pen, bouquet of flowers or a box of bonbon These simple gifts are fully appreciated in the Philippines, and never bring food and liquor at home visits because it gives the wrong impression, After leaving the hostel, you can send a thank-you letter to your Filipino friend who will appreciate  you a lot. 

Philippine gifts in Business Activities:

The exchange of Philippine gifts is defined within the Philippine economic community and an important component in the business relations between the business partners, then you must have a good relationship and contact with your business partner so you can give him or her a gift, It makes no sense to send a gift to a business partner without knowing him as should be. Chocolate and candles are one of the most appropriate gifts among business partners in Philippine community and remember that after completing a deal, you can invite business partners to a dinner for example, or you can send a special bottle of perfume to the business partners. All of this will have a good effect on the Filipinos and will generate good permanent impressions.

Last but not least, I would like to indicate that gifts and compliments generally have a good effect on the person who is being complimented or given so that we need to follow this tradition.

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