Philippine traditions in Philippine weddings

There is no doubt that Philippine weddings made Philippine to be one of the most famous countries that a lot have a desire to marry a Filipino woman thanks to the fact that the Philippine wife is considered one of the most wives that cares about her husband comfort and always put her home and her family at the top of her priorities.

What I would like to talk about today is what the neighbors in the Philippines and the Filipino community do when there is a Philippine weddings in a Filipino home.

It is common for Arabs when there is a wedding in a neighboring house or a friend to bring gifts and even giving money and sometimes share in wedding ceremony by themselves, the question: Does the Philippine community have the same culture towards weddings?

Here comes the word “binyan han”. It means in the Philippine society the unity of society to complete a particular event, a group of people doing specific tasks for a specific purpose and the question is does this custom still practice within the Philippine society at  Philippine weddings?

What are the usual places for a Philippine weddings?

There are some who marries inside the Philippines and implement all Philippine wedding in his family home and this is the origin of wedding ceremony within the Philippine communities simply because it is associated with Philippine customs and traditions and there are those who marries in a hotel or rent a grand hall for the wedding This is new within the Philippine community and start to be common today.

Community ties in a Philippine weddings

Of course arranging a Philippine weddings is not simple, especially when planning how to receive guests and prepare food and serve guests who may be in the hundreds and this requires a lot of effort. There are many Filipino friends and neighbors who implement such tasks, here comes the role of social ties within the Philippines. And this called in Filipino culture (Pany Han)

Some Filipino friends offer to rent a land for the Philippine weddings ceremony. Some Filipinos donate their hand to whatever the wedding needs. Others bring food ingredients and make it ready to cook and others serve food and drinks to guests during the wedding. After the wedding, some people clean up the place of party and rearrange everything to what it was, and some washing dishes and cups and so on.

Modern Philippine weddings:

One word is that it is very rare to see the spirit of unity and social Philippine ties within modern Philippine weddings in the Philippines, although many Philippine cities are still keep the habits of wedding ceremonies but marriage on modern methods within the Philippines is totally different The majority of these Modern Philippine weddings held in one of the party halls or hotels, where all services implemented by hotel or hall staff  and this is more expensive than Philippine weddings held in villages .

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    i like Philippine customs not only in weddings but also in the majority of it specially when we are talking about festivals it is below my minds


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