Which Erectile Pills Really Work?

If you feel that you suffer from erectile dysfunction, and this is preventing you from having a full and satisfying sex life, you should read this article. At the end of this article, you will be able to find a solution aside from using erectile pills. And if ever, you decide to take them, I will help you to choose which is good for you.

Look for erectile dysfunction causes:

If you your sex life is not what you want, or preventing you to be happy with your partner, it’s really important to think about all the different factors. There are many factors behind this problem. You maybe able to find a way out before trying any erectile pills. You may have one of the following: 
  • Lifestyle related: such as smoking, drinking too much alcohol, taking drugs like cocaine or cannabis. All these things can cause erectile dysfunction. Giving up these unhealthy habits can improve your erectile dysfunction.
  • Emotional: such as anxiety, depression, or  sexual traumas. Try to stay away and relax your mind. Sure you will not need any erection pills.
  • Relationship problems between couples. This is one of the most important causes of erectile dysfunction.
  • Hormonal disorders or Age related. Hormone balance is very important to keep your sex life at healthy levels. Hormonal deficiency will affect it negatively.

I’m going to write highly searched in-depth articles about every one mentioned above. More detailed and more focused articles. I will explain how to avoid and keep yourself on the healthy track. So follow me for the future articles.

But if your mind was set up that having erectile pills is a must, then continue reading.

Erectile dysfunction pills:

The internet is crowded with every thing related to erection solutions. Many tablets, pills and tonics are over there. Every seller is claiming to improve your sex life instantly and dramatically. Because poor sexual performance is common and a real concern for every man, no wonder sellers can easily find ways to buyers. It’s not easy, but very important to learn and know how to find the erection solution which is good for your, what is safe to use, and what can really be effective and help you.

Your erection problem maybe either weak erection or failure to keep up strong erection (erectile dysfunction – ED) or premature ejaculation, where you – or your partner – can’t reach orgasm. Many licensed medications are available to help. Also many herbal preparations are available in the market. Taking pills without full knowledge might be risky. You need to be sure of what ingredients they contain, and how they may affect your body.

Prescription pills such as Viagra (sildenafil), cialis (tadalafil), or Levitra (vardenafil) are probably the safest pills for erection. They could improve your sex life. But they need prescription and have some side effects. Also the prices are not affordable by every one. Their effect is good only for a day. Some can be effective for more than a day like cialis. You need to take every time you need. You may not be able to buy every time you need due to the high cost. So, many men look fo a cheaper but safe erection pills.

Which erectile dysfunction pills is goof for you:

It is difficult to tell which one will be best for you. Erection pills suit people differently. Which is good for someone, maybe not be good for you. You have to try to know which is good for you. There are some differences between the three popular brands. Viagra and levitra are short acting pills. Their action fades away after few hours. If you want to do sex in the next day, you have to take again. But cialis is known to last longer, maybe up to 36 hours or 2 days.

You may ask; Can I take every day? The answer is NO. Not only because of the high cost, but also it is not recommended to take them in daily basis.

What you have to do?

I think your sex life is one of the most important issues. You must pay a good attention and effort to improve. Improving your sex life will never be completely resolved with pills only. You must combine some measures together if you want long-term solution.

1- Healthy Life Style:

It is the first and most important step. You should not take lightly. Healthy life style will improve you sexual life as well as your over all health and well being. No matter how old are you, and no matter what is you health status. As I mentioned in many articles and videos; healthy life style is based on 4 main pillars. healthy food, healthy sleep, consistent exercise and food supplements. This will improve certainly your sex drive, you erection, and fitness. Not only that, but also it will make your body respond better to pills that you make take.

2- Stop unhealthy habits:

like over drinking, smoking. Most of you think it is hard to do that! They believe that their bodies are used for them, and will not be good idea to stop. This is completely wrong. Maybe at the first few days you will experience changes in mood and feel your body not performing well. But later, you feel far better. It maybe a hard shifting, but worth it!

3- Prescription erection pills:

No it’s time to talk about pills. I know this is what you are waiting for since you start reading the first lines of this article. Honestly talking, prescription pills are the safest. Many men have tried and proved that pills are safe drug that do its job properly. If taken under medical observation and considering all the precautions, pills bring only benefit. But you get dependent on the durable and beneficial effect that pills give, and you may gradually increase the dosage or start taking the pill more often.
Pills do not cure erectile dysfunction. Since healing does not occur, patients with erectile dysfunction need to take pills as much as they need.
There are 2 important questions: 1- Do the pills work for you? Any erection pills can have no effect on some people. 2- How important is the cost?. If they do the work and the cost is accepted, then you can take the pills repeatedly every few days as long as you want.

4- Herbal – non prescription pills:

If prescription pills are too costly or don’t work for you, then you can try herbal erection pills. Most pills are made of combination of 2 or more of the following sexually potent herbs: Panax ginseng, maca, yohimbine, ginkgo, Mondia whitei, damiana, or others

Most sellers will claim that their product is the best, the ingredients are the highest quality and the purest of all. But all are not validated by FDA anywhere. What to do?

1- Look for the ingredients . Choose which has more than 2 ingredients know for having aphrodisiac effect
2- Get from a supplier offering money back guarantee, if you buy big volume.
3- Reed reviews about the product made by third-party , whether good or negative reviews
4- Check time lasting in the market. The longer the product in the market, the better its reputation and also its safety.
5- Also, you should try to know which is good for you. Choose supply good for 1 month only from any of the erection pills. Then, if you find it works for you, then buy a bigger supply to get a descent discount. You can get about 50% discount from most sellers for 6 months supply or more.

The bottom line?

You must do your best to improve your life style, move to a healthy life style. Then, it will be easier for you to overcome your erection problems. You must try first the erectile dysfunction pills, to see which works better for you.

If you had tried any erectile dysfunction pills , you may leave a comment bellow with your opinion. It will be of great help!






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