Million plus Filipinos joined the Worldwide Walk

Worldwide Walk 2018

Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) organized the event of the Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty for 2018. More than a million Filipinos joined the even today. It Takes place along Roxas Boulevard in Manila on Sunday, May 6.

A new Guinness record for the largest human sentence, was acieved today by INC, according to the news. According to the Philippine National Police (PNP); the number of participants estimated at 1.2 million as of 9 am.

The Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty started at 6 am on Sunday. That was set to happen simultaneously “in more than 300 sites across 18 time zones around the world.”

“The largest human sentence, the largest picture mosaic formed by people, the largest charity walk in a single venue, most nationalities in a charity walk, and the largest charity walk in multiple venues”; siad INC.

They said also (We will do this for the glory of God and the triumph of the Iglesia ni Cristo).

Traffic in Coastal roads

“The coastal area to be avoided” as advised. Commuters who are going in and out of Manila are advised to avoid Roxas Boulevard and the costal roads. As these roads were ordered to be closed by. The traffic routes were chnged to minimize stranglation during the “Worldwide Walk”. 

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