Is Cebu worth a visit?

Even Cebu is not one on the tops!

Cebu is not on the surface like other places in the Philippines as Boracay or Palawn. You will not find Cebu in the top tourist destinations in the Philippines when searching the internet. The truth is Cebu is an attractive island worth the visit.

Cebu is the center around which the Visayas revolve. It is a very populated island.  It is important  strategically and economically, second to Luzon. Tourism numbers are increasing, Two million travelers a year going to Cebu. Cebu island is known for its white-sand beaches and spectacular diving. Cebu City, itself has lively bars, emerging eateries and burgeoning retail appeal.

Cebu is not only a vacation spot, it’s also a bustling economic center. Cebu is the main driving force for opportunities and development in the South.  It is the best place to live, work, play and learn in the Philippines. Because all are near within your reach; the beach, good food and entertainment.

Why Cebu is the best in the Philippines?

In Cebu, you have always something new or interesting to experience. The country’s oldest city, has so much to offer. Old churches, long white sandy beaches, diving, clean fresh countryside, and a rich culinary history; this is a few of what Cebu has. Cebu has something for everyone! Here, I pick up the reasons as I mentioned above, why I Cebu is the best place in Philippines.

1- Wonderful beaches are plenty in Cebu

I cannot count how many wonderful amazing beaches in Cebu. They are so many; Sumilon, Bantayan and Malapascua are few of the beaches found in Cebu. Whale-watching, diving and kite surfing are little of tons of activities you can enjoy.  Several Hostels, Boutique Hotels and Luxury Resorts are every where in Cebu providing excellent budget fit accommodation for single, family or groups. No matter how much is your budget, you will find what suits you.

2- All about food

In every corner in Cebu, no matter where is the place you stay, comes a new dish to taste. Cebuanos are the ultimate food lovers, you cannot but to attest after you stay in Cebu. You will enjoy eat, eat, and eat. Whether you prefer sweating it out at Larsian’s, a hawker-type center offering the best of Cebu barbecue, or fine dining at the Abaseria Café and Deli, the choices are endless and guaranteed to make you want more.

3- Cebu Rich history and culture

No shortage of history here, with the infamous encounter of Magellan and Lapu Lapu, you’re standing on grounds  that witnessed the struggle with Spanish colonization, and eventually, liberation. The remnants of Cebu’s rich history are very much apparent walking around Magellan’s cross, Lapu Lapu shrine, Colon street – the oldest and shortest national road in the country, and Fort San Pedro. 


Possibly the most obvious manifestation of Cebu’s history is the still-ongoing and much-awaited Sinulog Festival that runs on the third Sunday of January. This yearly event commemorates the acceptance of Christianity, the main highlight of which is a day-long street parade bringing together not only the locals, but thousands of visitors from all over the country and across the globe.

4- Many career opportunities

Cebu is also one of the most established economic centers second to Metro Manila. Real estate, business process outsourcing, information technology and furniture, all are in Cebu. One of the busiest international airports and many port facilities in the country are found in Cebu.




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