Types of Restaurants in the Philippines

Maybe you are a tourist travelling to Philippines, or resident in Philippines for any reason. Knowing the types of restaurants in the Philippines will help you when you want to eat.

3 Types of Restaurants in the Philippines

1- Fast food or Quick service Restaurants:

Every city in the world has a fast food restaurants including the cities the Philippines. Fast food restaurants are the best for those are in rush for work or meetings.

Those restaurants  that serve food in a short time – in about 10 minutes. The food is precooked, then that can be
heated and served when ordered. There many fast food restaurants in the Philippines whether independent or chain type of restaurants. Jolibee, MaDonalds, Burger King and KFC are just a few of the so many brands operating as fast food chains in the Philippines..

Filipinos super lover for food, so eating is a must every time families or friends go for outing or shopping. Fast food restaurants became as popular as street food vendors and local eateries. Fast food restaurants the Philippines are usually found in shopping malls, markets and in the business crowded locations.


2- Casual  Restaurants:

They have more in menu items with a relaxed ambiance. Casual restaurants are as plenty as you can count. They are actually the most common restaurants in the Philippines. Therefore you will find all kinds of different casual restaurants spread over whether you are in Metro Manila or any other Filipino city. Whether international cuisine or local type. The price there is affordable but no as low as in fast food restaurants.

3- Fine-dining  Restaurants:

Pricier cuisine and longer service time. The staff usually in uniform with neck tie. You need to reserve before going to eat. They are found in 5 stars hotels and alike. Some offer rich open buffets, others serve foods that are being cooked upon order. Of course , you must have you wallet packed.


You may be interested in restaurants in another way. If you are doing restaurant related business as those suppliers dealing with restaurants, you must learn the nature of the restaurant you deal with. You may look at them in a different way and classification. This is important to provide better solutions and services to your client.

3 Types of Restaurants for business

1- Independent restaurant

This is One-branch restaurant. They operate with limited staff and little marketing.

2- Chain type restaurants

An owner of an independent restaurant expands his business and add some more  branches. All branches are fully controlled and managed by one one holding company.

3- Franchised restaurants

A mother company shares branding, marketing efforts, operational systems, and supplies with multiple independent business owners in exchange for monthly commissions and fees.

The dining scene continues to grow in the Philippines. Over the past few years several international brands came in to operate . Restaurants from different parts of the world continue to operate in the Philippines with their local partners.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular fast food restaurants chains in the Philippines:

1. Jollibe
2. Mang Inasal
3. Chowking
4. Greenwich Pizza
5. Tropical Hut


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