How Safe to Travel the Philippines

The Philippines is known for its turquoise blue waters, luscious green scenery, and hospitable people. Aside from that, this country is relatively cheap. This country is every traveler’s dream. It has anything for anyone, whether you like island-hopping or hiking, or if you prefer learning about culture and food-hopping. However, the Philippines is infamous for the terrorism, as well as the current administration’s purge of drugs and declaration of martial law in Mindanao. You may be wondering, how safe to travel the Philippines, especially if you are planning on booking a flight to this country.

How Safe to Travel the Philippines

Before you head to other touristy island in the Philippines such as Boracay or Palawan, you will first land in Manila. Some opt to stay here for a few days and explore. Theft and fraud is known to be prevalent in the Philippines. As a resident in Manila, I have not experienced anything like that, even as I walk the streets at night. Though, it would still be advisable to take precautions and be vigilant. But it shouldn’t be that much of a concern.

There are spots in the Philippines where travelling is not permitted because of safety concerns. One of which is Basilan province due to the high kidnapping level of tourists. Additionally, Mindanao is another island tourists are wary of because of terrorism and political unrest. Specifically, these areas are Cotabato and Sulu. There are other provinces that get caught in between.

Some western media published that attacks are carried out by terrorists in the Philippines, including in Manila. That is  not too common to be worried about. Terrorist groups carry out attacks not every time nor everywhere in the country.

My personal advice: “You can visit the Philippines, enjoy your trip at any time. Just you should be careful and report anything suspicious to the local authorities.”

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