Mindoro Island , my next trip destination

I planned to travel to Mindoro island for a double purpose trip , work and leisure. I used to make my trips of dual purpose. I wanted to collect some pieces of information about the island before moving , to know what are the most interesting places to visit. Why not? Google made every thing just at our fingertips. To know anything, all you need is to type few letters in google search.

I started with: “Mindoro Tourist spots”. I was astonished to find more than 118.000 results about it!

How to travel from Manila to Mindoro

Mindoro is located between Luzon and Palawan , with the most interesting areas for tourists are mainly in the northeastern tip of the island , around Puerto Galera. We are going to travel by my car. From Manila, there are 2 options , either to flay to Mindoro’s airport in Puerto Galera, or take a bus to the port of Batangas in about 2 hours , then a boat to Puerto Galera.

Best tourist spots in Mindodro

I picked some destination that looked interesting for me to visit. Hope I can visit most of them. Here is my list:

1. Puerto Galera

2. Bikini Floating Bar

3. White Beach

4. Tukuran Hanging Bridge

5. Tamaraw Waterfalls

6. Sabang

7. Talipanan Beach

8. Apo Reef Natural Park

9. Mount Halcon

10. Pandan Island Resort

After my trip , I will be back her to show you what did I find there, bye!







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