North cities are at risk of Typhoon Mangkhut this week end

Philippine officials on Wednesday ordered to start emergency evacuations of those in the north of Luzon. Also to begin harvest of crops in respose th threat of Typhoon Mangkhut. This is the strongest threat to the Philippines this year.

ABC network reported that Typhoon Mangkhut could hit the northern province of Cagayan on Saturday and the governor of the province, Manuel Mamba, said the evacuations of houses on the cyclone track would start on Thursday and schools would be suspended.

The head of civil defense authorities, Ricardo Gallad, said other provinces at the north would begin evacuating people tomorrow. He pointed out that these areas maybe subjected to strong winds directly destroying homes, as well as heavy rains that could cause floods and landslides.

After leaving the Philippines, the cyclone is expected to hit China on Sunday if it continues on the expected route.

It is the 15th hurricane to hit the Philippines this year, and the Philippines is hit by nearly 20 hurricanes a year.

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