Supertyphoon Mangkhut hits Philippines cause big damages by pictures

A super hurricane hit the northern Philippines last night, with strongwinds of more than 225 km per hour, and heavy rain. That resulted in fallen electric posts and power cuts in some affected areas.

Supertyphoon called Mankot, classified as Category 5, affected mostly areas like Cagayan on the main island of Luzon early Saturday morning. It was moving across the northern tip of the Philippines, with winds of up to 285 kilometers per hour. The government moved thousands of Filipinos from coastal areas. Warnings of a possible rise in seawater driven by the storm on its way from three to six meters.

Strong waves caused by Super Typhoon Mangkhut on the coast line of Manila

Rescue men cleaning roads fro broken posts

A woman battles to hold her umbrella during heavy rains caused by Super Typhoon Mangkhut in Manila

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