BiOmega™ 56 tablets

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Support healthy heart and joints!


Package: Bottle/56 gelcaps

Ultra-pure, concentrated Fish Oil supplement
For Memory and Cardiovascular Health

The BiOmega™ supplement : pure, natural fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for optimal support healthy heart and joints.

For whom is The BiOmega™ 

  • People who eat fatty fish fewer than three times a week
  • People whose cardiovascular and neural health is a priority
  • Women who want healthy pregnancies and healthy babies

Why USANA’s BiOmega

  • BiOmega is double-molecular distilled to be free from heavy metals and organic contaminants like dioxins and pesticides.
  • It provides advanced levels of EPA and DHA, the two important omega-3 fatty acids, in just two capsules a day.
  • Its lemon oil helps eliminate any fishy aftertaste.
  • It supplies additional vitamin D, a nutrient often found inadequate in most diets.
  • It is effective, safe, and is independently tested and approved by ConsumerLab.




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