USANA Probiotic

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keep your stomach happy with USANA Probiotics!


Pachage: 14 packs
It’s time to clean the fridge and throw out the expired yogurt
keep your stomach happy with USANA Probiotics instead

What Is a Probiotic?

Probiotic is a live bacteria that is found naturally in the body and can also be found in foods and supplements. Probiotics can be extremely beneficial to your health, especially your digestive health. The human digestive system is a delicate balance of both “good” and “bad” bacteria, called microflora. The secret is in finding proper balance of the microflora with the help of probiotics.

The Perfect Dosage

Sure, you can rely on yogurt for your dietary probiotics, but there’s a slight hitch—how do you know if you’re getting enough? The USANA Probiotic, on the other hand, boasts a powerful 12 billion colony-forming unit (CFU) per serving.

Health Basics  

  • Perfect source of probiotics
  • Contains 12 billion colony-forming bacteria (CFB) per serving at time of manufacture
  • Provides live microorganisms that temporarily modify gut flora

Medicinal Ingredients:

  • Bifidobacterium BB-12® / Bifidobacterium BB-12MD 6 billion CFU
  • Lactobacillus rhamnosus LGG® / Lactobacillus rhamnosus LGGMD 6 billion CFU

Non-Medicinal Ingredients:

D-Mannitol, Inulin, Silicon Dioxide


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